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    Superpad i10
    Hi all new user my question is about a tablet my wif bought me for Xmas it does not seem to be as you would expect it now on the box it's got Superpad i10. Model P045 when I boot it up it says android 2.3 then a little penguin pops up in the top right corner. The wifi is rediculas have to have router right by my side (may as well be a pc on my lap) also it loses the connection yet my phone is still connected to same router it also loses connection with Ethernet cable. Next is when I go onto market it's mostly in Japanese also when I go onto maps it can't find my position and says google maps not available in this area (south wales uk) when I start a gps test it's all in Japanese. Now I've read on the forum about cloned units floating about how can I tell if this is cloned

    Thanks ian

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