sylvania mini tablet SYNET7LP

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    stanley, wi
    sylvania mini tablet
    model SYNET7LP
    android vr. DG2.2O
    hardware id

    this thing is a no go tablet i just now got off the phone with digitalgadgets and they tell me there is no way to connect it to my pc everything has to be via flash or sd and there ant any proceedings to have this option in play. so there is no development and no debugger mod there for z4root cant root it witch means all the fun good apps are out the window i cant be-leave i gave up the coby kyros for this thing for android 2.2 well this thing is going back to the store and the tech support is beyond retarded as it took 4 days for a call back to me one e-mail i got asked whats my model number and it was listed twice in the e-mail i sent....:confused::confused::confused:
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    Sylvania SYNET7LP
    Welcome to the forum!

    There is a tremendous amount of information in this forum that could have saved you from your current predicament.

    Here is one of the first threads to review to gain some insight.

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