SYTAB10MT and Coby Kyros MID8024 compared

Discussion in 'Sylvania Tablets' started by tfurrows, Aug 4, 2011.

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    One last thread over here for me, I sold my SYTAB10MT and picked up a Coby Kyros MID8024 for the same price. I wanted to post a few comparisons, for anyone else who may be thinking of trading out of their SYTAB10MT.

    1. Touchscreen - I put this one first because it's one of only two areas where the SYTAB10MT actually beats the Kyros MID8024. Both have resistive touch, but the touch screen on the SYTAB10MT is actually far more usable than the Kyros 8024. Where you notice the biggest difference is on the keyboard; I can literally type twice as fast on the SYTAB10MT touch screen. The MID8024 almost requires a figernail tap, and a pretty hard one at that, before it will respond. Kudos to the SYTAB10MT for an excellent touchscreen.

    2. LCD - One more area where the SYTAB10MT beats the Coby MID8024. Of course, the specs on the SYTAB10MT are better, it is higher resolution. But even the color, whites specifically, are rendered a little better on the SYTAB10MT. The SYTAB seemed to be brighter as well. I didn't think the 800x600 of the MID8024 would bother me all that much, but it is a noticeable step down for sure.

    3. Size - Apples to oranges, I know, but the 10.2" tablet size at a 16:9 ratio always bothered me a little. In portrait, it felt like I was holding a gigantic ipod touch. It was goofy feeling, so I always used it in Landscape. The MID8024 is a 4:3 ratio, which I prefer in every possible way to the 16:9 of the SYTAB10MT. Personal preference perhaps. The Kyros is thinner, lighter and overall feels much smaller.

    4. Battery - This was my main beef with the SYTAB10MT, and the main reason I sold it. From my limited use so far, I estimate the battery on the Kyros to last at least twice as long with the same type of use. I don't have data here, but from my personal experience, that's what I noticed (and since this was my main pet peeve, I was definitely paying attention.)

    5. Build Quality - Ok, on this, I'd say the two were tied oddly enough. The Kyros may be a slight step up, but not much in my opinion. It is "sleeker," but it still has a marginal build quality. There is a portion of the body on the Kyros that is plastic, and the metal portions seem poorly attached to it; I can feel it compress and wiggle when I hold it. Not as solid feeling as the SYTAB10MT actually.

    6. Performance - As expected, the performance of the MID8024 was far superior to the SYTAB10MT. Nothing special to report there, the MID8024 has a newer architecture, supports flash, and twice the RAM.

    Overall, I switched because of the size and battery life. I am happy with the move, but honestly, the SYTAB10MT had a lot of benefits as well, and was a good unit with a good support group, and easily modded. I'll miss it... a little :)
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