T-Mobile Agrees with Verizon; Sides with Samsung Against Apple Lawsuit

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    Previously, we reported that Verizon has sided with Samsung against Apple's patent infringement lawsuits, and filed a court document declaring it. Now it seems that T-Mobile has done the same. T-Mobile joined the fray and filed a similar court document declaring its stand against Apple's attempt to stop sales of Samsung devices in the United States. Here's a quote from the Reuters article with the details,
    T-mobile also went on record with the following public statement, “While T-Mobile respects intellectual property rights and believes that owners of intellectual property deserve the right to present their arguments and evidence of infringement in court, a preliminary injunction is a drastic and extraordinary measure, and the courts should pay particular attention to its public consequences.” Of course, it was unlikely that T-Mobile was going to be getting any version of the iPhone for some time, so they didn't really have much to lose by taking this stance. Still, it's interesting to see other companies take a stand with Samsung on this issue. What do you guys think?

    Source: Reuters and AllThingsDigital

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