T-Mobile Launches New Attack... Against the Banking Industry?

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    T-Mobile has been on a roll lately. Ever since they got fired up and started rattling off new phases in their Uncarrier initiative, they have been making other carriers sweat from the massive value and changes they offer to consumers. Apparently, shaking up the wireless carrier industry isn't enough for T-Mo though. Now it looks as if the Uncarrier wants to disrupt the banking industry as well!

    T-Mobile officially announced their new program called, Mobile Money. It's basically a checking account for T-Mobile wireless subscribers. This isn't just some gimmicky expensive account which only the elite can afford either. In fact, their account structure is ultra-competitive, offering free activation, free monthly maintenance and free ATM withdrawals at any of the carrierÂ’s 42,000 in-network partner ATMs. Furthermore, there is no fee for replacing lost or stolen cards and there are no minimum balances required.

    Here's what T-Mobile's boisterous CEO, John Legere had to say regarding this new program...

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