Tablet Activation's Edge Out Smartphone Activation's on Christmas Day

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    Christmas Day brought a surge of iOS and Android wireless device activation's which certainly brought a smile to developers and manufacturers alike. Acording to Flurry, an application analytical firm, more than 17 million devices were activated with tablets accounting for 51% of that figure. That is an astounding 3 times as many activation's as a year ago. Flurry also found that mobile device owners downloaded 328 million apps on Christmas which set a record number and a 112% increase from a year ago.

    Despite Apple iPad Minis and Amazon Kindle Fire HD 7-inch tablets being the most popular devices to sell on Christmas, Android Tablets continue to gain on the iPad in popularity according to Chitika Insights. We want to hear from you, did you receive or gift a tablet and/or smartphone and what OS is it running?

    Source: GigaOm

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