Tablet as a media server, clueless about UPNP & DLNA so need some help

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    I've been trying to get an app that will enable me to control the music on my tablet via my HTC Desire and for a while I thought I found it in "Plugplayer"

    The app is quite good and I don't want to slag it or the developer of, especially as he has been quite helpful in his replies to my queries, but it doesn't do what it says it can on it's web page.
    Basically I took the following paragraph to mean that I could control the music on my Tablet by using Plugplayer on my Desire:

    Control PlugPlayer from another Android phone or UPnP™/DLNA® control point
    Like listening to your Android phone while it is docked to speakers, but hate having to physically walk over to change the playlist or volume? With PlugPlayer, you can use your Android Phone to remotely control another copy of PlugPlayer.

    So I have this installed on both devices but all I can do is start the music on the tablet and adjust its volume via the desire. I can't see any playlist or what track is playing and have no other control.

    When I queried this the dev came back with the following answer:

    "With PlugPlayer, you can let other UPnP control points (including other instances of PlugPlayer) control it. That means you can remotely control the volume, change tracks, etc. What PlugPlayer cannot do is directly access music stored locally on the device. It can only access media from a UPnP media server.

    There are other apps on the market that allow you to make your android device act as a media server, so in theory you should be able to run that on your android device along with PlugPlayer and remotely control it's local music."

    Can anyone offer any help as to what other app may help make this work, what do I need on the Tablet to make it a "Server" and what more would I need on the Desire.
    Or am I on a lost cause?

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