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    So I'd like a bigger screen for my gps and music player in my car and a touchscreen would be really cool...
    I want a 7 to 8" tablet with a car mount to keep in front of my shifter and over my cd unit.
    I can connect to the car stereo via bluetooth (I do it all the time with my evo4g)

    I also want to be able to mirror my android phone to the tablet so I can run gps with a bigger picture. I'm sure this is probably possible as I have mirrored my phone on large hdtvs via minihdmi cable.

    My question is what type of tablet should I get?
    Should I root a nook to run the newest version of android?
    Should I get an MID android tablet and root that to run the newest android?
    I need help. I'm looking to spend $200 or less for a 7-8 tablet

    Please help!!!!! Iam noob

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