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    Hi all,
    I am looking to but a Chinese tablet from a company that keeps up to date on updates and support. I dont see myself calling in for support but i have found tablets with 1GB ram and in some cases duel cores or over clocked single core CPU running 2.1 or 2.2 and thought these devices should handle 2.3 or even 3.2 so why are they not, and i guess the answer is because the manufacturers would rather sell new tablets then release updates to old ones. This of course benefits them just fine but not us. My question is can anyone give me a few company names or specific devices that have a history of staying up to date on Android versions and offer solid support forums. If i buy a 2.3 tablet now I want to know it will support 3.2 or ICS when the company releases an update.
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    Cheex -

    You are probably going to get a flood of answers to this question, both good and bad, and all I can tell you is that right now the market is new and growing, and flooded with device makers and devices. Looking for one that is going to stay current and still support their legacy devices is going to be a little challenging when you only have a baseline of 18 months to go on. Remember, the first Android Tablet to sell was the Augen Gentouch, and that company is closed and gone. Even major manufacturers are having issues supporting older devices since the technology is evolving so rapidly.

    IMHO What I would recommend instead is picking a device that has a chipset and hardware config that is pretty mainstream (think NVIDIA or similar) and an active user community. Most of your long-term support and new ROM development is going to come from there, not from the vendor.

    Hope this helps a bit,

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