Tablet for a 4yr old and 'er mum! Spemell's Aurora?

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    I've been searching, reading, thinking, pondering and window shopping a tablet for christmas for my munchkin. I loathe that 'kids' products are so often naff and my initial foray into the kiddy tablet offerings did nothing but confirm that they aren't the way to go!

    So - my attention switched to the grown ups tablets, but not the ones that'll have me in tears each time it's sat on or she decides to use the dogs paw to write on it. In a nutshell it needs to be cheap, it'll always be a gamble whether it survives but unlike the kurio hopefully I'll actually want it to.

    The other issue is that my house holds a store of things bought for munchkin which she rarely touches, let's just say an 'age appropriate toy' would certainly go the way of the dodos piled in a corner of the room. The clever bit is that a tablet is not going to get ignored even if my little treasure snubs it, I want to use it too and if it's the right one and she likes it then a second would be bought come my birthday in feb.

    So, I want playstore, youtube, facebook, email, good browsing and kiddy gaming. I need a touchscreen up to the job of small fingers and (while I do get that cheap isn't going to be the best) a tablet that has a good build quality for it's price. A camera would also be fun for munchkin and decent enough sound to make viewing stuff a pleasure.

    When I found this I thought 'By Jove! I do believe I've cracked it!'
    Ainol novo 7 Aurora 7 inch Android 4.0 ICS tablet with LG IPS screen and Allwinner A10 1.2 GHz Processor.

    So - very clever people, any guidance?

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