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    I am looking at possibly getting either a Archos 101 or 70. I will be using it as an ebook reader, photo viewer, connecting my phone via bluetooth (to use it for larger google maps, emails and web browser when not near a wifi connection) My husband loves to play Angry Birds on my Incredible but the screen isn't big enough. I may use it to watch a video/movie but that would be really rare. As far as the web, it would be mainly Facebook, forums (like this), (to send my resume and fill apps out online) and the occasional Youtube video. Something that I can carry in my purse (I have a large purse so may fit the 10"). Would like to stay in the $200-$300 range but would be willing to go to $500 max if the tablet was better for my needs. I'm on Verizon but don't want a contract!
    Now that you know what I want to do with a tablet, I would like some opinions to help make a decision. I have spent hours and hours since Christmas trying to figure out what I should buy.
    I would like one that could upgrade or come with Honeycomb but not sure with what I'm using a tablet for, I really need Honeycomb. So Is the Archos the way to go or is there something else out there better now or in the next few months? Lastly, I am impatient and want something right now but will wait a few months if something really good is coming out that suits my needs better.
    Thanks for listening and thanks for your time to answer my questions.

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