Tablet for lobby/waiting areas, is there a software for this?

Discussion in 'Android Tablet Discussions' started by mbabcock, Apr 23, 2012.

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    I'm interested in getting a cheap, small tablet for the lobby and/or waiting rooms at my business (a small, rural hospital).

    Is there a legit way to have them locked down from most apps and all settings changes? The only apps we'd want people to be able to access is a web browser (that we would have pointed to a special intranet website focused on the offerings of our hospital), maybe some utility apps such calculator, calendar, weather, alarm, maybe something like Skype or an app like TuneIn Radio, which would let them listen to local stations. Basically, we'd have to come up with a list of room-approved apps.

    Then, once we had this set up, so they could only see certain apps and they couldn't change any of the settings, is there a way to do a history clear for all of those apps. So a nurse or cleaning staff could simply press a reset button? We don't have the resources for a timely reset.

    Any thoughts on ways to move forward with this idea? If we could make it work, it might be something we order 100 of. It also might be something that could work really well for other hospitals, or other types of businesses.
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    Hi mbabcock, it is easy to lock the tablet with password setting so that only you may make setting changes or app access.

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