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    Hi guys, I'm new to the android tablet world but I have a iPad I use "on the job". I work in the field intel unit for a police department and I am looking for a few low priced tablets that I can give to investigators when they want to take surveillance video and pictures out into the field. I also am looking for the option to add on Bluetooth keyboards if they want to write up things on the spot. They need to be simple to use since most of the guys are still baffled by flip phones. I also would like the ability to lockdown things like wifi and the App Store so they can't use it as a toy. To make a long story longer, I guess I'm looking for a tablet and or apps that will play mp4's, jpegs, and a word app, and have it work without bogging down and having poor video playback.

    Also if anyone can thing of what other applacations I can use these for, I'm always open to sugestions.

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    Hi there, and welcome

    Most of the items you specified aren't a problem at all. You would need to look for a tablet with blue tooth as some don't have it, the same with the Google Store. The Google Store can be PIN protected so that only someone with the PIN number could make an app purchase. Plenty of JPG viewers in the Store ad there are other apps that may help. I have several customers using Android tablets for field work including word processing, spreadsheets and photos. You may also see that it comes with a decent rear facing camera.

    There are a ton of options but if you stick with a major brand you could hardly go wrong. Acer, ASUS, Toshiba and such are all good options and well supported.
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