Tablet help please. Screen blackout

Discussion in 'WonderMedia Based' started by LisaCole1992, May 6, 2012.

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    Android Tablet 2.0
    I have tried all kinda of different software on my Wondermedia WM8650 7" android 2.2 tablet but nothing is working. Mine gets to the android logo icon thingy that has the actual android (not the words like I've seen most do) then won't go any further. It doesn't even show the loading bar. When I do the firmware install it goes through the process completely like normal but then when it tries to start after that, nothing. It also doesn't seem to power down all the way, it will only go into sleep mode no matter how long I hold the power button. I've tried the little reset hole on the side too. I've tried letting it run dead but it went right back to the same crap as soon as I started charging it again. I don't care if I lose everything on it, I just want my tablet to work. I can't afford to replace it!

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