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    Hey all!

    I’m new here and I have had a good look through the forum – I hope this is a suitable question for this forum (if not, I apologise). I just wanted to find out if anyone knows or is currently doing any user testing on their apps for Android? I would love to find some who knows a lot about this area and maybe we can chat? I have included a brief summary below for more detail…

    I want to test a application, and I have this vision of being able to track what the user is touching, and also track the gestures which are being performed (such as pinch or scroll) and view this back in a visual way. For instance, I would like to give someone a prototype of the app on a phone/tablet, and for the user to go through the application, and then at a later date I can review the direct feed from the device whilst viewing the touches that they performed on another screen. I don’t know if this is possible at all, so any help will be amazing! I basically want to find something like UX Recorder - however, this app is only for web based testing, and I can’t run the app through a browser. It is a standalone application.

    If anyone has any knowledge in this area, I would appreciate it if you could get back to me and we can chat. If this method of user testing isn’t appropriate, I would appreciate a point in the right direction!

    Thanks for everyone’s time who read this.


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