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    I know threads like this one must be really irritating but I have no idea which tablet to get, especially because here in Brazil we dont' have the habit to buy unknown brands or from China. You have to know that i didn't like Ipad. I think it's to much expensive. So, what i want to say if you guys could give me some options about tablets:

    -I have a budget of $ 400
    -I never had a tablet. But, i have a smartphone with android (it's already BL unloocked and rooted ;).
    -I really like to see movies and TV series (that i download from internet because here in Brazil it's not showed)
    -I will read a lot. Cientific articles, ebooks (my 4" smartphne is to small. I'm looking for 9" or 10")
    -I want to be able to play games
    -I also want to be able to do work with it. I don't mean like, big, complicated presentations or anything but I should be easy to jot down things,view documents and even make some simple word/powerpoint like documents.
    - it'd be nice to be able to watch a movie whithout thinking it is too small.
    - With an usb port

    First, I looked for Nexus 10, but its complicated because it's only seeling grom internet and I didn't now hoowmany days google takes to delivered it (I going to be 7 days in Montreal)
    After that, I saw the Asus transformer, but is't expensive (the last one released)
    I also looked to PIPO m9 and others like that. As I said, i didn't know this unknowed brands.

    Maybe I am asking for a lot so sorry in advance! I really like the Nexus 7 but I am not really sure about the size.

    Thanks in advance!

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