Tablet-PC as a 24/7 notice board in an entrance hall of an apartment house

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    Dear all,
    I live in a newly built apartment house in Germany and would like to install a tablet pc at a wall in the entrance hall to be visible for all apartment owners.
    I am looking for:
    • low power consumption
    • 24/7 operation
    • WLAN with WPA2
    • attachable to a wall
    • cheap (since it is in a public space in the house)
    I've created a web site for the house using WordPress. The idea is to have a kind of notice-board incl. events, news, hints etc.
    WordPress offers 2 plug-ins to have a tablet-enabled version of the website:
    WordPress › Onswipe « WordPress Plugins
    WordPress › WPtouch « WordPress Plugins

    Another idea is to use the PadTab mounting system to attach the tablet ( I look at I can find a new (in original box) Prestigio MultiPad PMP3084B for a buy-now-price of 116€=165US$.
    Would the Prestigio be advisable for my use case or would you recommend any other tablet?

    Another issue is the power adapter. If a tablet pc has a very big power adapter it looks not good if you use a wall mount system like the PadTab. The power adapter needs to be attached and hidden as unintrusively as possible. Currently there is vertical cable duct running to the light switch but no additional power outlet. Typically there are no outlets in the entrance hall since the power consumption in the entrance hall is usually shared between all apartment owners. So I first need to clarify with all owners whether I can branch off the power from the duct to supply the tablet pc.

    All the best,
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    Welcome to the forum Irene. I'd be interested in seeing some pictures of this little project of yours when it's finished. Good luck!

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