Tablet Ports and Their Usefulness?

Discussion in 'Android Tablet Usage, Tips & Tricks' started by FmUsa, Jan 24, 2014.

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    Hello all, new and first time user in this Tablet world. I have the Envizen V917G Jellybean 4.2.2
    Screen size is 9.4" x 5.8" 1024 x 600 res.
    AmLogic Cortex A9 Duel Core 1.5 and 1gb memory.
    Built-in Mono speaker but has stereo out port.
    The Mic is, ummm, small and on the case's side. Voice pickup is poor.

    OK, with the basics said, I just tried and have successfully added a USB 1 to 4 port expander.
    What has worked so far is a mini mouse, mini keyboard, Pen Drive, 3 different external HDD's.
    What I really would like to work but hasn't, a remote WebCam. I have one but it will not recognize it.
    I've also tried a USB SMC network Lan but it doesn't install. ODD, next to the WiFi icon shows the 2TV icon as if the Lan is working. When I check the modem's list of connections, it's not there.

    A REAL WANT is to upgrade the front camera from 2.0 to 5.0.
    The 2.0 resolution is rather poor, it can't read Bar Codes unless they're rather large.
    I popped it open and noticed the 0.3 and 2.0 are tethered in one via flat cable.
    I have tried a magnifying lens over the lens and seems to work well. Any suggestions?

    Has anyone tried other externals to there Tablets?

    Anyone know what other tablets share the V917G internals?
    I might be able to do upgrades that way.

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    NOOK Tablet Stock NOOKcolor Rooted/Flashed Nexus 7 (2013) 32GB Stock
    Windows requires drivers to support devices and I'd assume the same is true for Android. If the driver isn't there, the device is not supported. In trying to keep the size down, I can see them only including the code for very common devices.

    My barcode scanner uses the rear camera, maybe there's a setting in yours to make it do the same. The front camera is there for video chatting and they don't feel high resolution is important for that.

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