Tablet Version of Microsoft Office Coming to Android Before Windows 8 Tablets

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    Whodathunkit? The tablet version of Microsoft Office which recently released for iOS will be coming to other tablets very soon. The big shocker is that it will actually hit Android tablets before it comes to Windows 8 tablets. Don't worry... we scratched our heads over this one too. According to the new Microsoft CEO, Satya Nadella, the main reason it will come to Android first is marketshare. As you can see from his Tweet above, under his leadership, Microsoft has renewed its focus on making its Office software as widely available across multiple devices as possible.

    Currently, the plan is...

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    While it used to be unthinkable that Microsoft would release its signature productivity software onto a rival platform before releasing it to Windows, times have changed and Microsoft's share of the tablet market is still stuck in the single digits. So while Windows 8 users may gripe that they have to wait to get the latest Office software, Microsoft knows that there just aren’t as many of them right now as there are Android and iOS users.

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