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    tabtech m009s
    I Have Just This Second Bought A "Tabtech M009s" Android Tablet (as seen here: Tabtech M009S 2GB Google Android Tablet PC - Cheapest 2.2 Android Tablet works with Flash 10.1 - WiFi , Touchscreen, Epad, Apad, now with working Android Market, Youtube and Amazon Kindle App: Computers & Accessories), And There Is A Few Things I Would Like To Know.

    Firstly, is it possible to update this tablet to android 3? on the advert is says it is running android 2.2. if so, how easy is this and what advantages are there with updating?

    secondly, is it possible to use skype video calling on this device?

    thirdly, anybody have any tips for using this device, what do you use yours for?

    finally, after buying the item, i was thinking about a case for it, anyone suggest one? are the ones with built in keyboards any good?

    i am an android and tablet virgin, hoping that if the tablet is ok then i may buy an android phone aswell because im sick of my nokia x6 which runs symbian 8 after only a few months.

    please reply..

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