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    Hi. I am thinking of buying a tablet. Just kind of wanted one but probably would have waited a while. Now, I have been turned onto Jetflicks! Love it! But I want an HDMI output so I may watch on my TV. I have the Motorola Global 2 and do not have an HDMI out on my phone. I actually considered buying the bionic or droidx early just to get this. But since I had kind of wanted a tablet (which now after having a smartphone I know I do) I thought this might be a wiser purchase. I have Verizon and after research it seems like Samsung Galaxy Tab might be the best option. Any opinions there? Also, if I can use Jetflicks from my tablet to my TV then I no longer need my satellite dish. That would be $50/mo savings!

    My second question has to do with mobile hotspots app and wifi. Is there a comparable way to use my phone/tablet/data pkgs to access internet from my home computer (Mac)? If so I could eliminate my DSL also.

    Any ideas or suggestions?


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