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    Hi all. :) I know a lot of people write on here good tablets to buy.... Anyways, I need a tablet must be 7-8inches in size so I can use it at work. I need to be able too do multi apps at once ( word & several web pages) I need it to do my research for school and to write the papers as well. I may play games on it so one with good rom and ram would be good. The only thing the memory will be used for will be papers that I complete and books, which leads me to the next thing.... I want to use it as a reader. I have the sony reader that is about to stop working. So I need one that is able to support pdf, txt, word and epub. I know this is about applications kind of but I need to make sure. I don't want to buy a tablet I carry with me everywhere and need to add another reader on top of it. Any help plz!
    Also i will not be using any contracts on companies for the internet, only wifi.
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