Tablets with ethernet connectivity?

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    Hello all.

    Was hoping to draw on the vast amount of knowledge I have seen on this website.
    Here's my dilema:
    I want to buy a tablet to use as a touchscreen on the front of a control panel. It's sole use will be to look at graphics showing live information from the plant I am controlling. So I'll go in to my android browser (some form of chrome i presume, little experience of android), and browse to the IP address of the controller. The controller will be local to the tablet and so hardwired to it directly using an ethernet cable. It is a JAVA based system so the tablet will need the java plugin to view the page.
    Will this work, in your experience and, indeed, are there any reliable tablets on the market with RJ45 sockets. Price is very much secondary to 'will it do the job'.

    Thanks in advance


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