Taking Notes in Pdf in Galaxy Note 10.1 vs in Nexus 10

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    Hi All,
    After some research in Android tablet, I found Nexus 10 very impressive. However, as I realized that the only reason I want to buy a tablet is that I want to read pdf more conveniently, I think Galaxy Note might be better despite its higher price. I have some questions regarding pdf reading experience with them.
    It seems that almost all the pdf apps that Android offers do not allow you to take notes in the margin of the pages. Is my impression correct? I do not want to take notes in an addition place like when you read in kindle. Therefore, I think I can probably take notes in the margin of the page in pdf with Galaxy Note which has a S-pen. Can it do that?
    In addition, as English is my second language, I want to look up words in the dictionary while reading.It seems Nexus does not support multitask while Galaxy Note does. (wonder why there is a difference when both of them are based on Android) Can I use dictionary with my pdf open in Galaxy Note?
    Thank you for your input.

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