TCC8803 MID 7" Capacity Screen

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    MID T8031, 7" Capacitive 8803 ARM Cortextm-A8 1.2GHz
    So, I picked up a couple of these for the kids for Christmas. Real neat, very fast, I like the hardware. I'd like to at the very least get them rooted, and at the most get Cyanogenmod loaded.

    I'm not sure if these are the same as the Mivvy, or the iRobot, but it I believe it is a 'MID' tablet. 7" Capacitive Screen Android 2.3 Tablet PC w/ WiFi/HDMI/OTG/3D Acceleration (1.2GHz/4GB) - Free Shipping - DealExtreme (mirror)

    I'd love to hear about any experiences others have had with these? Do you have one? Have you learned anything about the hardware, or know what (if any) recovery Mod will work on them?

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