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    Teclast P76ti
    Following are the main specification for the p76ti.

    Specification Overview:

    • CPU: AllWinnerTech A10 1.5GHz(firmware v3.03 running at 1GHz only)
    • GPU: Mali 400
    • Memory: 512MB
    • Internal Storage: 8GB
    • Display: 7" 800 x 480 (16:9)
    • Touchscreen: 5 point capacitive touch(Goodix GT80X)
    • Wifi: 802.11 b/g/n(Realtek 8192)
    • G-Sensor: MXC6225
    • Camera: Front (0.3 Megapixels)
    • Battery: 3200mAh


    Come in a box with the following accessories.
    • USB connection charger (note that they are some sellers who dont bundle this)
    • micro USB data/charing cable
    • micro USB OTG Cable
    • Ear piece

    [​IMG]Click this bar to view the original image of 1024x768px.




    Look and Feel:

    Sleak white is a refreshing look to the typical black and all in all the build quality seems good. Casing is well-fitted and that does not seem to have moving part when you do light shaking. Perhaps except the sound made by the hard buttons and I must say that its not perfect as at some occasion when you press the HOME or BACK keys, there were no response. You have to make sure that you do press hard enough. Touch response is good and accurate as you can type very fast and still get all the correct keys.

    There seems to be LCD bleeding all around the borders/edges and the screen is still very bright even at 0. Hardware issue? Kernel driver issue?
    This is not disturbing while using the tablet or playing games but I have not done any thorough video/movie testing as yet. What's surprising is that on portrait position, the view angle when you tilt even slightly left will leave a washout/fade off background while tilting right it is totally OK. Landscape position does not have this issue.

    When the brightness is set to 0(which is still very bright in my opinion), there does not seem to be any noticeable bleeding. I would recommend others to try it out and perhaps share your experience. This should also help to reduce power consumption.The bleeding is very obvious during boot-up as the default brightness seem to be high.

    While the screen is certainly not fantastic especially with the portrait view angle, a color testing show that there are no dead/bad pixel. Here's a set of 8 colors(800x480) for those of you who wish to test your screen.


    Wifi signal strength is very decent but it does seem(it not conclusive as I have yet to do any battery test) to consume quite a fair bit of power. I got 3 full green bar when I was sitting two meter away from the router. And its still two green bar when I was five meters away in another room in between two walls. Connection speed of 134mbps was observed for this distance. It is interesting to note that the wifi hardware use is Realtek while its predecessor P76 is using Samsung SWL-N20

    Another surprise is that when I plugged in a Huawei E1782 3G dongle, it connect immediately without any configuration. Android Market confirmed to be working evening on 3G network which is a plus for those of you who use 3G network a lot.

    Listing of presumably supported 3G Dongle(source)

    华为 = HuaWei

    • E1820
    • E180
    • E1550
    • 华为E261
    • 华为E1780
    • 中兴MF110
    • 中兴MF633
    • 中兴MF637U
    • 中兴MF633BP-1
    • 华为E182G
    • 华为E160E
    • 华为E230
    • 华为E176G
    • 华为E1782
    • 华为EC122
    • 华为EC1261
    • 华为EC189
    • 华为EC167
    • 中兴AC2736
    • 中兴AC274
    • 中兴AC2766
    • 中兴AC580
    • 华为E150
    • 华为EC1270
    • 华为EC156


    MXC6225 was used and it was kind of disappointing as I was hoping that bma250 might be used. According to A10 developer document, MMA7660,MXC6225,BMA250 is supported out of the box and it seem that there are A10 tablets using all this three type of g-sensors. In terms of sensitivity, BMA is the best, MXC is in the middle while MMA7660 is pretty low end. The main differences is number of data sample that is available(BMA/10bits,MXC/8bits,MMA/6bits). In simpler term, having more data samples will mean better sensitivity. I find that the mxc6225 has good sensitivity while playing moto racer and labyrinth so its purely depending on each user. But in my other thread, I have observed that it does not seem to be any data on the z-axis which lead me to wonder(more check later) if its only a two axis accelerometer.


    I left to charge the tablet overnight while battery is at about 10% and after about 6 hours, it was fully charged. One thing that "bug" me is that when you shutdown the tablet and try to charge it, it will auto power up(this can be fixed in custom rom). It seem that this is a bug in the new firmware which hopefully can be fixed. Another discomfort is that there is no charging indicator which sometime leave you to wonder if its really charging.

    • 23 mins 480p animation with wifi on - 10%(67%-57%) battery consumption
    • 23 mins 720p animation with wifi off - 7%(57%-50%) battery consumption
    • 34 mins of Wind-up Knight with wifi off/brightness 0/max volume - 16%(83-67)

    External USB Bluetooth Support

    Totally not supported by the kernel(no available driver). This can be fixed in custom rom.

    External Storage Support

    Additional storage is available via either its external micro SDHC slot or using USB connection with the bundled micro OTG USB cable. The usual FAT partition is supported and it also support NTFS which mean that you can watch video greater than 4GB. Ironically, linux ext4 is not supported.


    If you have a mini-hdmi cable, it will work out of the box and display on both tablet and the external HDMI display. Tablet screen will be blank out when you are playing video. Sound is also redirected to the hdmi connetion.

    Alternative to Nova 7 Advanced?

    I am not so sure about that as I didn't use N7A before but specification wise they are very close. Though P76ti is missing quite a number of hardware such as back camera, vibrator and has lower end g-sensor and battery. I believe the price differences between the two is about US$20+.
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