Telechips 8902-HDMI-HD = MID_7AS

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    Warning tablet !!NOOB!!

    I recently purchased this little tablet Telechips 8902-HDMI-HD online from discount Chinese outlet.
    After powering on device and network setup I attempted to log into to Google account and to use WEB browser with-out success. I discovered the Model number is MID_7AS in device properties. so I hopped onto the internet to figure out the problem, i found this forum.

    After looking for pictures and model numbers I found that this Telechips 8902-HDMI-HD / MID_7AS is the same as the MID7015. My guess is that the MID_7AS is the Asian version of the MID7015. The Telechips 8902-HDMI-HD / MID_7AS that I now own is loaded with Asian software and apps that I cannot use and I cannot use WEB or sign into Google Account. The tablet OS is Gingerbread 2.3.3
    Can this tablet be re-flashed or converted to a MID7015 via firmware, I am assuming that once I can rewrite the firmware I will no longer be regionally locked out of WEB browser and Google account/ Android Market.

    Please help;

    Device info:
    Model Number

    Android Version:

    Kernel Version:

    Build Number:
    MID_7AS 20110526
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    Telechips tcc8900 MID_7AS
    Hi, did you find a suitable rom for this device ? I got one but I broke system using fastboot. Even If you do not have found an upgrade can you publish a snapshot of your system for me ?
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    @aafirvida I wouldn't get your hopes up for a reply, aicsie joined in Jul 2011 and made ONE post!

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