Telefunken 7 NOTEBOOK (TNB-700A3GE)

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    Telefunken 7 NOTEBOOK (TNB-700A3GE)

    I have purchased a 2nd hand Telefunken 7" NOTEBOOK preinstalled with android 2.2

    I have forgotten the pattern password

    1. can anyone assist with the key combo to enter into recovery mode from the notebook device
    2. any other suggestions are welcome
    3. can you direct me to the android 2.2 download software

    Telefunken 7 NOTEBOOK (TNB-700A3GE)

    800x480 pixels LCD screen
    400MHz CPU speed
    Android 2.0 operating system
    2GB NAND flash storage
    10/l00M Ethernet access
    HD audio built in speaker
    Integrated touchpad
    12 Language support
    2.0 USB port x2
    MMC/SD card slot
    2.5hr battery working time


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