Temple Run not fully functional

Discussion in 'Android Tablet Games' started by rain6460, Jul 24, 2012.

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    idolian touchtab 10 running android 4.0.3
    I have a new idolian touchtab 10 tablet, running Android 4.0.3. Downloaded Temple Run, and the swipe functions work fine (jumping, sliding, turning). However, the runner does not move from side to side when you "tilt" the device, thus making it impossible to maneuver towards coins or move while in the air. Adjusting the sensitivity in the game options does not correct problem.

    This tablet does have the motion sensor that allows vertical or horizontal viewing (though temple run is vertical view only). I'm guessing this is the same functionality that allows the tilt feature to work in the game? The only way to get the runner to move from side to side, is to hold finger down on the screen and slide left or right. Unfortunately, when you do this you immediately crash into wall or fall. And again, the sensitivity adj. does not help.

    I love my Temple Run on my iphone, and it would be nice to play on this new 10.2" tablet...Please help!



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