Tethering the A500 with Android phone... without rooting

Discussion in 'Acer Iconia Tab A500 Forum' started by snocrazee, Oct 21, 2011.

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    Hello everyone. Not sure if this has been posted much but I have a Acer A500 I have been playing with recently and I also just upgraded my cell phone to a AT&T Atrix 2 that has the android OS on it. I looked around for ways to tether the phone to the tablet without paying AT&T a monthly fee for using the phone as a hot spot. I am probably too scared to root the phone or the tablet so I am a little limited in my options. I had been using my old blackberry phone with a program called pdaNET tethered via USB to a Windows laptop which worked great although the USB cable was always in the way. I stumbled on the pdaNET site and they have a free program called pdaNET for tablet in a beta version. I downloaded the app to my unrooted phone and set the phone as the server then I downloaded the program to my tablet and set the tablet as the client. This program tethers through bluetooth only and once I paired my phone to the tablet it worked great!!! You have to manually change your web proxy server setting on the tablet to get it to work and be sure and clear those setting out when you untether the phone... I did some testing yesterday because I was worried that if the phone was tethered via bluetooth that my phone would not connect to my truck's bluetooth phone features (It's a new ford pickup with navigation screen that uses ford sync). I found that I could make calls through the ford sync while surfing the net on the tablet. This will be awesome to have the kids be able to surf the net on the tablet while on long trips!!!! Check out pdaNET or tablet in the market.
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    Its cool that pdaNEt finally made a Client for android as well as a Server.

    Still sporting a Nexus One for my phone, and its a hot spot when ever I want it, without root, or any additional software.
    And since the Acer is Android as well as the phone, AT&T couldn't tell if I did this or not even with deep packet inspection.

    As long as you don't run up a huge data bill, they will never even notice anyway.
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    PDAnet for Tablets is STILL in beta? Woooow... its been a while! I was using that when my tab was still on 3.0... which may not have been that long ago, but it sure feels like it was.
    Any idea if the app has had any development progress? (Ie, when was the latest update I guess).

    I just rooted my ATT phone and deleted the tethermanager.API
    Then again though, I rarely tether and when I do tether my tablet to my phone, I don't do anywhere near the same amount of data transfer as I would on a computer.
    I only want the tethering capability as a "just in case" situation occurred where I had my tab in a place with no wifi when I REALLY needed it.

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