Thank goodness we aren't on iOS or BB!

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    Reports that RIMM is finally getting back online worldwide after 3 days of outages couldn't come soon enough for Blackberry users, but just as that event winds down we have another potential crisis brewing. It seems, according to Twitter Trending and other sources that many users upgrading their iPhones and iPads to iOS 5 are finding their devices bricked.

    Sources are reporting that the iTunes store is overwhelmed with users trying to download the update, and that this combined with problems during and after installing the new OS are resulting in many frustrated customers. Reports from the UK, Australia and the US all state that after the update the newly updated devices find themselves unable to connect to the overwhelmed Apple Servers to validate their new identities, and that it is also impossible to revert back to the previous state.

    Makes my last ROM Flash up to Honeycomb look like a piece of cake now!

    Sources (BusinessInsider, thing_ UK, BlenderBlog Australia)

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