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Discussion in 'Nook' started by 4Nails, Dec 30, 2010.

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    I wanted to post a thank you both for the forum and for the folks over at nookDevs for the hack. I received a NC for Christmas and now have a very snappy android tablet.

    I'm very likely to be the oldest guy here as my first computer was a Timex-Sinclair 2068 complete with tape recorder for memory and a small tv screen for the monitor. I was thinking through spending $500 for a 5.25 external floppy drive when instead I used the money to purchase one of the first IBM clones. Everything else is just a long story.

    This community reminds me most of the close knit group owners of the Dell Axim X5 which after Dell announced that it was discontinuing support wrote their own updates and software to keep it going. It was a great deal of fun to have ownership of a device.

    Thank you all for everything you do. To pay you back I will start working on 4Nails FAQ within which I will try and track those things I have learned such as why we need softkeys. So please know that whenever I post a question the answer will be added and eventually posted.

    Thanks again.
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    I don't know about that...I actually had an Altair, which I replaced with a KayPro2 for my home, and my first PC experience at the office goes back to Xerox machines with the 8" drive. ;-)

    Welcome to another SilverBack
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    I'm so old I DON'T EVEN REMEMBER the names of the first machines I used. ;)

    Welcome to the forum, and happy to hear your NC is snappy!

    4Nails, if you'll forgive me, I'd like to share a couple tricks you may or may not already know.

    (1) Back swipe. You can "go back" from most screens by quickly swiping from the bottom right (time) to the left (notification area).

    (2) Screen capture. Hold down the "n" button, and quickly/firmly press the volume-down button once (don't hold it). Nothing will happen, and then a moment later your NC will make a happy sound, and a screenshot will register in your notification tray. Screenshots are stored in the internal memory, /media/Screenshots.

    (3) Wallpaper. Our moderator, rico2001 has posted some good tips on formatting/sizing wallpaper: It's a great resource.


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