The beginning of the dekuge of n00b questions from me...

Discussion in 'Android Tablet Discussions' started by reptile_smile, Aug 13, 2011.

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    Hey all,

    As per my introduction thread here, I'm looking for ideas for a sub £100 GBP Android tablet.

    Has to be at least 2.2, has to be (I think) 10".

    Any thoughts?

    Also, and forgive my stupidity, I read in a thread here that a particular manufacturer's implementation of 2.1 wasn't ideal (Elonex, FWIW), and I was really surprised by this. Have I got this right? Does Android not look the same from manufacturer to manufacturer?

    Also - 'rooting'... What is it? Essentially mapping the drive, in order to get access files, and facilitate upgrading? How hard is this process? Does it vary from device to device?

    Thanks for your time
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    Yes, Android can vary from manufacturer to manufacturer to some degree. Rooting is pretty much unlocking the system so you can make changes you ordinarily wouldn't be allowed to make.

    P.S. I think this would be a good place for you to get started: You can't ask questions if you don't speak the language. :)

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