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    This forum is intended to help folks find the right tablet for their own personal needs. In short, help "shopping" for a new tablet.

    Before posting here, hopefully you've done a little "homework" and have already answered some of the basic questions that only you can answer. How much am I willing to spend? What size of tablet am I comfortable with. What am I going to use it for? Is it just for reading books, doing a little emailing and playing games? Is it to replace a computer? Or is it somewhere in between?

    If at all possible, you should get some "hands on" experience at a store or by using some of your friends tablets. At the very least, that should give you some idea what size you're comfortable with, and whether or not you really want/need a tablet.

    Good luck finding that perfect "for you" tablet!

    Questions/problems related to your particular tablet don't belong here. They should be posted in the appropriate forum for your tablet.

    If there is no forum for your particular tablet (Or you don't know what tablet you have), please use the Android Tablet Q&A section. Just click that link and you'll be there.

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