The remarkable flying SD Cards!

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    You should be aware the the spring in the SD Micro Card slot of your tablet can be pretty powerful, if your fingernail slips as you are inserting it it can land 10 feet behind you. On uncarpeted floors you have a chance of pinpointing where it landed - on carpet, forget that and get the flashlight out!

    Another danger is if you have a dog that delights in catching flies and it is in the same room with you you might have to wait while the SD card makes its way through Fido's alimentary canal, if you're really lucky it might survive that journey with all of its data intact - probably better to invest in a new one!
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    I accidently dropped the Coby, and the card popped out - didn't fly. My cats would have been on it. The Acer has a cover for the card slot.
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    My dog didn't catch it either (doesn't really have much luck with flies either!), but it did fly 10 feet!
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