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    OK, here we go.&nbsp; A thread for the Huawei S7 Slim tablet, setup, usage and common issues.<br><br>I'm confused about how they have the memory divided:

    Internal SD
    4.66 Gb total
    170 MB available

    Internal Storage
    2.75 GB total
    2.25GB available

    MicroSD card
    (16 GB card, 32 GB maximum allowed)

    As you can see, the total internal memory is about 8 GB,(4.66+2.75 = 7.41) per the manufacturer's claim.

    The applications are only about 500 MB of the ordinary memory, and the navigational map files take up most of the SD memory.<br><br>Since Froyo has App2SD, would it be avisible to move anything to the SD card?

    The next thing is where to store music, if you have any. If you only need a couple for alarms and such, the internal space should be fine. But if you have Gigabytes of music files,then the external card looks to be the better place, as opposed to the internal SD memory of the old S7-104.

    Any arguments?
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    You are a little out of place, aren't you??

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