The tablet skips "Prepare software package...."

Discussion in 'Gome Flytouch Problems' started by ix0al, May 13, 2011.

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    I bought a Tablet PC. The name of the tablet pc is: "JAY-tech PID7901".
    I checked some things and I come to the decision that the tablet pc is of the "Generic" manufactur like the Flytouchs.

    Here some screens with informations:

    7" touch screen
    2gb intern memory
    VIA 8505 300 MHz processor (but one app says what else - look at the screens)

    1. What's the device's LED color when it's turned on ? Blue or Green ?
    No LEDs are there

    2. Does the tablet vibrate at start up ?

    3. Does the tablet have a green or black audio port ?

    4. Which connector has your tablet, 24 pins or 30 pins ?
    It's a mini usb connector. Here is a picture of it:

    5. Which WMT version is it ? You can find that rightunder when booting or in settings\about device.

    6. What is your actual RAM Size ? 128MB or 256MB ?
    One App shows 102MB but the package of the tablet says it's 128MB.

    7. What did the box label say ? MID / iRobot / ePad / aPad / SmartPad etc.
    Nothing like this. The box is white and on it ist the tablet pc.

    Here is a YouTube-Video of my Tablet PC. It looks like this 100% (the tablet pc and the box):

    So I tried many ROM's but it looks like that the Table PC can't load it.
    Everytime I copy the script folder in the root of my 4GB MicroSD-HC-Card (formated with the HP format tool - FAT32), start the Table PC with my Card this message is shown: "Prepare software package..." or a other message (like the version of the ROM in the script folder). It depends on the ROM BUT I never get a error message.

    So normally the Tablet PC should load the ROM. But the only thing what it makes is:
    It shows the message for about 3 - 5 seconds and then it's booting normally to the old Android ROM.

    I only need the Google Android Market to install one or two apps because on this Tablet PC it isn't installed.

    Thanks in advance.
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    Tablet / Device:
    Gome Flytouch clone - MID VSuccess WMS8105C

    Your tablet is Jay-tech PID7901 (VIA8505) or (Yoshida?? or Orphan?? or MID??? Model M70003) with 128MB RAM and 300MHz, without vibration on start, without menu button, LAN and camera, with WLAN and volume keys
    Look at this link:
    Is my tablet dead/bricked? - - Page 4

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