The Yuandao N90-4.03-20,120,305-official version of the firmware release

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    Rehabilitation of 11 questions, Yuandao release 4.0 firmware!
    The Yuandao N90-4.03-20,120,305-official version of the firmware release!

    1,An updated e-book: optimized scan e-books, to modify the problem of small resolution.
    2, repair Flash full-screen narrow the memory overflow problem
    3, Join UMS patch, the new UMS function
    4, add a Flash splash screen patch
    5, add FLASHPLAYER signature patch
    6, add the HTML5 optimized patches and multi-track switch patch
    7, add the video player patch
    8, Camera Patch
    9, update the storage-related patch
    10,add the storage to copy optimization
    11,join the Fring application patches

    Firmware download address:

    (Tips: Chinese page click red circle to download)

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