There is no app2sd anymore

Discussion in 'Acer Iconia A100' started by mlewis6996, May 7, 2012.

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    Ok. I just read n the play store someone griping about an app2sd application not working on his Acer tablet. Most of u know that there is no longer that option. But for those that don't, the app2sd function stopped at gingerbread. There is NO app that will help u. The only way to move ur apps on ur Acer tablet is to root it. If u have an Acer, there should be plenty of room for whatever apps u want, if there isn't, u need one with more RAM, or u need to delete the junk u don't use. Clear the cache n data before u do though because that stuff could stay on ur tablet n still use memory. If there still isn't enough room, format ur memory card, do a factory reset n start over. Honestly, how much stuff do u need? If u don't need it, take it off. Good luck to those of u trying to move apps without root tho, wont ever happen. Sorry.
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