Thinking of tryng Honeycomb, have honeycomb "features" questions. Info/advice please

Discussion in 'Coby Generation 1 Technical' started by Murf, Jul 18, 2011.

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    Coby MID7015A
    I currently have a MID7015A, 2.1 updated - ROOTED. I've been reading on here about tipstir's honeycomb and had a few questions about it and hoping someone is kind enough to answer.

    1. If I make a backup with ClockworkMod 1st, and if I mess something up with HC, can I restore my backup and be right back where I was before the attempt?

    2. Do I have to reinstall all the apps I currently have on my Kyros?

    3. I see tipstir list apps with the HC. Are these the only apps that will work with it or should the same apps work that I use now (downloaded from Market)?

    4. I really don't understand how the 4G of memory works on this thing and why I only get 261M to put my apps (I'll leave that for another post), but will HC do anything with the memory to give me more than the 261M to use for apps?

    5. Finally, I was looking at the 3 versions (Full, Lite, Xtreme) at Log in. I don't care about HDMI, but I do want to use Market. What version should I use - Lite or Full (what's the difference)?
    - And do I need to do the patch that is on the same page?

    Thanks to whoever helps me with this info. I appreciate it!


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