Thought and opinions on Galaxy 7.7?

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    I am considering a tablet to do some light internet surfing, task management (to do list), email, reading news and forums, Zoho Notebook, and maybe a light game or two.

    I would also like to SMS (text) but I can use google chat I think.

    Basically, I am looking for something between my Thunderbolt smartphone and a laptop that is still easily transported. Something I can use to surf the net while sitting on the couch but also be able to have on my desk at work to keep up with my to do list. We don't have an open WiFi at work.

    I am thinking about the Galaxy 7.7 but then question is do I add a device to my Verizon plan and pay for the data or just straight WiFi? If I go the Verizon route I am considering the Certified Pre-owned. I have read some reviews online and the 7.7 seems to be a pretty good device but many of the reviews seem to indicate that ICS would really help the device. Will Galaxy release ICS to the 7.7?

    I can probably handle something up to $600us. I am comfortable around android devices. By following directions I have rooted and changed the rom on the thunderbolt.

    Thank you for your thoughts, advice, and opinions.

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