To Keep Nook HD+ or to Sell + $100 for NEW Nexus 7???

Discussion in 'Android Tablet Discussions' started by slow_mo_panda, Jul 27, 2013.

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    I am currently trying to get a quick answer on what I should do here. I have been trying (so far unsuccessfully) to find a tablet I am happy with for my needs, for about a year now. I have tried various different tablets, and a Acer Aspire One 11" Netbook (which I just sold after barely using it), and now I have a NOOK HD+ (almost 10") tablet that I almost returned, but I found many people recommended I get one of the AFN or N2A cards to put in the micro SD slot.
    My MAIN NEEDS for a tablet are:
    -Movie playback (of side-loaded or 'personal' movies) in HD
    -Light web browsing, Facebook, Youtube, and email, etc.
    -Some light writing (possibly with a bluetooth keyboard case)
    -eBook reading and maybe a few magazines and graphic novels; would be nice to have Kindle AND .epub compatibility
    -Google maps would be cool, but I do have it on my phone too, so not a must-have

    I have a TON of questions I need android experts like YOU to answer for me, PLEASE! :)

    My MAIN question and TOPIC TITLE was: Should I keep this Nook HD+ I just got on Ebay for $130, or should I try to sell it and plop down another $100 for this NEW NEXUS 7?? I am mostly turned off by the lack of expandable storage in the Nexus, but I am mostly concerned with the display and ease of use, and how I am more familiar with Android software, and the Nook software is severely lacking. I know the NEW Nexus 7 has the best display for a 7", but is it vastly better than the Nook HD+? I think so far the movies look pretty awesome, but I have yet to have loaded one that fits the resolution perfectly. I do not download movies from apps, I tend to have my own pre-loaded (side-loaded) videos on my SD card, that I am still practicing with conversion into the proper resolution and format. Another frustration is that the Nook only plays .mp4, and most of my videos are other formats. I am using the freeware 'Any Video Converter', but can't seem to get the hang of converting a movie into just the right specs for this tablet. I would love to know if anyone can point me to the perfect ACTIVE forum for video conversion and/or a Nook HD+ video playing forum... Now, on to the questions:

    1. I am extremely impressed with the CYANOGENMOD 10 (CM10) root, and I wanted to know, is this very different from the software and UI I would get by using one of the micro SD cards?
    2. If I do get a card, which is better, AFN or N2A? It seems the AFN cards have more positive reviews on Amazon than the N2A cards.
    3. If I do buy the Nexus 7, does it allow at all for any HDMI video output? What are the options for video format playing?
    4. How quickly does the Nexus charge up and how long does it last when playing movies?
    5. What are the e-reader options on this new Nexus 7?

    Basically, I am trying to get a very seasoned tablet user to tell me for sure, would I be that much more happy to spend another $100 (assuming I can sell off my new Nook HD+ within a week or so) and get this new Nexus 7? Or, being that my needs are not that extreme, could I do fine with the Nook, and what should I do with it? Buy one of the pre-loaded Android cards, or try to do a CM10 root? (I have rooted two or three devices before successfully, so it's not my first time.)
    THANK YOU in advance for the tips and help!

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