Too many pattern attempts, can't reset or enter recovery mode.

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    Ok so I have this Android China tablet (ATB701A 7" Android table) that is owned by a friend of mine. He said his friend tried to bypass the pattern lock until it says "Too many pattern attempts!" and now the tablet needs a user name and password for his google account which he forgot...

    So I have this thing for being techy on tablets, phones, computers, etc but this one's harder than I thought. It won't let me get to recovery mode (so I can restore factory settings or hard reset) when pressing and holding + volume, power or - volume, power or other commands.

    Tried using the reset button by using a needle, the tablet turned off but the lock prompt is still there. I don't know which brand this is, but it looks like a Huawei Android Tablet. It has no camera button and the tablet is 7 inches wide
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    I have same tablet sold in Japan. This is a kind of LY-F1 clone though exact stock images not found.

    Can you access this tablet via "adb shell"? Fortunately the tablet is already rooted state and your prompt changed "#" which tells you that you have superuser permission. Next try install CWM listed in this forum article CWM for Allwinner A10 & A13 Tablets - v2a - xda-developers you have to download 11 partition version of CWM recovery and follow instructions shown there.
    What you have to do for recovery boot,
    1. "adb shell" and get console access to your device.
    2. Make some temporary directory in storage ( such as /mnt/sdcard/temp ).
    3. "adb push" CWM files (img and sh files) to temporary dir you created in step 2.
    4. "adb shell" again and change current directory to where you've pushed CWM files.
    5. "sh" to flash recovery partition into CWM.
    6. "sh" to reboot your device in recovery mode.
    7. Device reboots and you can see CWM screen. Use vol+/- for select menu and power button to enter your selection. Backup current images to sdcard for later use.
    8. Try factory reset, clear cache and clear dalvik cache to reset your device's status.
    9. Reboot.

    If you want to reboot your device in recovery mode, you should do step6 shown above again since ATB701A stock image has been modified in recovery activation press pattern.

    I hope this helps, good luck.

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