Tornados Screen Sensitivity Issues require 0619 Firmware Update

Discussion in 'Novo Tablets' started by geofferyh, Aug 24, 2012.

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    I think most of the sensitivity issues are directly related to software more than anything else. However, I also believe there may be something associated with the capacitive screen. I am of the opinion that it is initially randomly charged in that all the pixels have not had pressure applied to them. With the tablet turned "Off", press down and slide your index finger over the entire screen from left to right and top to bottom several times.

    Unless you read Chinese, forget the download at Download the 0619 Firmware from the Apad Forum (/apadforum/list.php?category/48-Ainol-Novo-7) or because it includes the file that is needed. See the attachment for specific instructions, and pay attention to the screen shots as they are part of the instructions. After an upgrade from 0530 or 0606 to 0619 firmware you may find that your tablet is reset back to Chinese language.

    To change from Chinese language back to English or other:
    1. Open “Settings”
    2. Scroll down list to where you see the “Padlock” icon. Select the Chinese choice just below the “Padlock icon.
    3. Next, in the right hand column of item choices, select the top most Chinese choice.
    4. Now, you can set your prefered language choice.

    Also, Select the "Accessibility" setting and be sure the "Touch & hold delay" is set to "Medium". This will help with most on screen keyboard sensitivity issues.

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