Toshiba AT300 or what else?

Discussion in 'Android Tablet Discussions' started by angoose, Aug 5, 2012.

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    Sony Experia S "smartphone ?"Toshiba AT300
    G'day to you all

    I'm not yet a tablet owner, and was only introduced to Android a few months ago, when I got a Sony Xperia S "smartphone" (not too sure about the "smart" tag yet.....)

    I need a tablet in relation to my work where I clerk meetings, so need a machine that can have the agenda and various reports open and record the audio too.

    10" screen is a need, together with a sensitive microphone, and Android 4 seems sensible.

    Favourite at the moment is the Toshiba AT300 (I think this is the "Excite 10" in the US), but I will welcome any suggestions (and please remember I'm in the UK - you guys get the new toys months before us:()
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    G'day to you as well angoose, it's nice to have you here as a member of the forum. The best place on the forum for "shopping" information and recommendations is the Android Tablet Discussions section. I'm going to move your thread over there for you so folks can discuss your tablet requirements with you and hopefully make some suggestions. Good luck!
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