Toshiba Officially Launches Excite Series of Android Tablets; 7.7", 10" & 13" Sizes

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    We have some news from Toshiba this morning. The company officially launched their new Excite line of Android Tablets. Toshiba has taken things to a new level with the Excite, by heavily stepping up the specs, reducing the size and weight, and adding a unique new size category, the monstrous 13-inch tablet! For reference, there are several specs that all of these tablets have in common. Here is a list of all the specs that they all have, and then below that we have each individual tab with their differences:
    • Fixed Back Covers with an Aluminum Surface and styling
    • Dual Cameras - 2MP for the front and 5MP for the back that can handle 1080p HD video
    • Tegra 3
    • 1GB DDR3 Ram
    • Gorilla Glass
    • Stereo Speakers with SRS Surround
    • WiFi
    • Android 4.0/Ice Cream Sandwich - Unskinned & Stock from Google
    • BioManager Utility to improve battery life
    Here's a breakdown of the different specs of each individual new Toshiba Excite Tablet:

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    The Excite 7.7 Inch: ($499.99 for the 16GB Model & $579.99 for the 32GB Model) - Out in June
    • AMOLED Display - 1280x800 This is the reason this tablet is a bit pricier than the 10-inch variety.
    • microUSB
    • microSD Slot
    • 16GB & 32GB Options for Storage

    The Excite 10 Inch: ($449.99 for the 16GB model, $529.99 for the 32GB model and $649.99 for the 64GB model) - Out in May
    • 10.1-inch diagonal AutoBrite LED Backlit display with 1280x800 resolution
    • microUSB
    • microHDMI
    • Full SD Card Slot
    • Battery Life 10-12 Hours

    The Excite 13 Inch: ($649.99 for the 32GB model and $749.99 for the 64GB model) - Out in June
    • 3.3-inch diagonal AutoBrite LED Backlit display - cinematic 16:9 aspect ratio and 1600x900 native resolution
    • microUSB
    • microHDMI
    • Full SD Card Slot
    • 13 hours of battery life
    • Included Stand from Factory
    That's a pretty impressive lineup of high-end devices with some high-end prices. The 13-inch is an interesting concept in the tablet arena. Share your thoughts on Toshiba's new Excite series.

    Source: Full Press Release - Toshiba's New Excite Series of Android/ICS Tablets
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    While the 7.7" specs look good, Toshiba certainly got the price wrong. Really? $500 for a 7.7" tablet with 16GB? :mad:
    Where's all the quality $250 tablets that we were supposed to be able to choose from in Q2 this year?
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    I would consider the Excite 13....It's a darn shame the resolution is so low, though. Other than that, it sounds like a solid tablet, even for the price. I think I'll have to see a side-by-side with the Transformer TF700, though.

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