Toshiba Tablet Shows Folio Tablet Again In Video

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    You might not remember the upcoming Android based tablet by Toshiba. While there is good reason for that, this video tries to bring it back to the spotlight.

    The video below shows the Android tablet and some of its main selling points. The tablet has not nearly received as much press time as the Samsung Galaxy Tab, even though they were both announced on the same day. Both devices are great, but they have their strength and weakness. The Tab's weakness is... Samsung might over price it. This tablets might the lack of the Android Market, which Toshiba replaced with their own solution
    Here's the spec sheet:

    The hardware specifications are very nice, and being a 10 inch display means it has 3" over the Tab and 1" over the Apple iPad. However, we wonder if it has solved its many software issues that were present during IFA (Androidandme).

    Via: thinkdigital
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