Toshiba Thrive AT100 Android Version 3.1

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    Toshiba Thrive Tablet
    Hi everyone,

    I have the above-mentioned device and wanted to know if anyone could help me. I am attending school online and required to have a Class 1 SSL Certificate which is purchased through Verisign. I have the certificate installed on my Laptop, however, I was wondering if there is a way to transfer the certificate to my tablet for use when I am on the road. I emailed Verisign, and was told that they do not sell the; however they provided the information below:

    "Thank you for contacting Symantec Technical Support. Our Digital IDs are not meant for tablets yet but it needs a browser that has a certificate store. Basically, if your tablet browser is able to install the Digital certificate in a certificate store, you should be able to use it. When enrolling for your Digital ID, it generates a private key on the browser. We recommend that you use a desktop or laptop for your Digital ID enrollment."

    Anyone able to assist me?

    Many thanks.

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