Toshiba's 10" Tegra 2 SmartPad to be Revealed at IFA?

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    Toshiba GM Mark Whittard expressed that they were going to release an Android tablet sometime in September and October earlier this year. According to Notebook Italia, Toshiba will launch a 10" Android tablet at IFA Berlin 2010. The Samsung Galaxy Tab is also rumored for release at the same event.

    It should come with the Nvidia Tegra 2 dual Cortex A9, which is also specified in the Notion Ink Adam. Connectors show a mini-USB port, HDMI, and a full USB port presumably for USB hosting. There may also be a dock. USB charging is unlikely given the presence of the DC power jack.

    If earlier reveals of the Notion Ink Adam are to be believed, the pricing of this tablet probably will not exceed $499US at its launch. However, there are still doubts as to how this tablet will perform given the current limitations of Android 2.2 for this form-factor.


    Notebook Italia via mydrivers

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