Total App Count for iOS and Android Now More Than 1 Million

Discussion in 'Android Tablet Apps' started by Spider, Sep 17, 2011.

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    Total App Count for iOS and Android Now More Than 1 Million by Pathik Shah | Friday, 16th Sep 2011 According to a report by Appsfire, an application discovery platform, the total number of apps on the iOS and Android platforms has crossed 1 million. That’s a significant milestone considering that the app gold rush started only about 3 years ago with Apple launching the iPhone App Store in June 2008.


    iOS used to lead Android and all other platforms by a huge margin, but apparently, Android has almost caught up with iOS now. Of the 1 million apps, 48% are Android apps while 52% are iOS apps. At this rate, I expect Android’s total app count to surpass iOS by the end of 2011.
    Of the 1 million total apps, only about 800,000 are currently active. However, extrapolating from the current figures, we should see 1 million live apps by the end of 2011.
    There is one statistic which is a bit worrying. It seems that only a bit more than half of the total Android apps which were developed are currently live on the Android Market. In contrast, inactive or dead iOS apps are much less in number.

    Anyway, this does reaffirm the general notion that smartphones will define the state of computing in the coming years. Collectively, all these apps on iOS and Android have paid out billions of dollars to developers and made quite a lot of “App Store Millionaires”.
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    Spider, that sure is a lot of apps! Like people need convincing anymore but if this is not a sign or indication that tablets are here to stay for many years to come I don't know what is. Sure, a lot of those apps are for smartphones, but tablets also play a huge role in the rapidly growing number of apps.

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